Wellness information available in Tishman Hall

From the initiative of one staff member to the follow-through from another, CSE brings wellness info to Tishman Hall.

wellness initiative Enlarge
Sarah Snay and Aurelia Bunescu with the new Wellness Initiative literature rack.

Classes and exams. Proposals and research. Projects and presentations. And deadlines for everything!

Life in the world of academia can be exciting and empowering, but also stressful.

To help keep our community healthy, the CSE Division has launched a Wellness Initiative with help from CSE staff Aurelia Bunescu and Sarah Snay. 

The initiative began when Bunescu suggested to CSE Department Administrator Kelly Cormier that it could be helpful to make wellness resources more available to the students, faculty, and staff who spend time in or pass through the Beyster Building. She had seen a wellness literature display at the Music School and felt that a similar display at CSE would be warranted.

Cormier assigned Snay the task of identifying and collecting material and for developing a plan to display it in a publicly available space. The result is the CSE Wellness Initiative literature rack, which is located on the first floor of the Beyster Building in Tishman Hall, just outside of lecture hall 1670 and near the stairs that lead to the third floor entrance.

The collected literature includes material from Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), the Faculty & Staff Counseling & Consultation Office, the Depression Center, Campus Mind Works, CEW+, Consultation, Assistance, and Resources in Engineering (CARE), MHealthy, and other organizations.

Bunescu and Snay are hoping that making the information available in a visible, tangible way will help those in need to realize that help is available, and that everyone who passes through the doors of the Beyster Building feels this is a supportive and caring environment.

“I would like to encourage anyone who has an idea for how to better CSE to come forward,” said Cormier. “We want to take action to ensure that ours is a supportive environment.

“In this case, it is actually quite reassuring to see how many offices and organizations do exist to help us with our challenges. Please take some of the literature and learn about these resources. It could be useful to you or the people you interact with.”