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Aerts, William

Deputy Director, Archimedes Center
Email: Phone: Off-siteOffice: Off-site

Boltz, Christine

Media, Web, and Data Manager – ADA Research Center
Email: Phone: 734-647-1355Office: 3824 Beyster Bldg.

Calvillo, Magdalena

Administrative Assistant to Prof. Bertacco
Email: Phone: 734-936-8875Office: 4808 Beyster

DuPrie, Denise

CSE Financial Specialist
Email: Phone: (734) 763-1557Office: 3828 Beyster Bldg.

Erementchouk, Mikhail

CSE Research Area Specialist Lead
Email: Phone: (734) 763-6632Office: 2828 Beyster

Hauff, Erika

CSE Research Process Manager
Email: Phone: 734-647-4895Office: 3808 Beyster

Snay, Sarah

ADA Research Center Administrator

Zucal, Joshua

CSE Contract & Grant Specialist
Email: Phone: (734) 764-9702Office: 3808 Beyster