Students Show Off Mobile Apps at 2012 iOS Showcase

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On Tuesday, March 20, student developers gathered in the Beyster Building’s Tishman Hall to demonstrate their mobile applications to curious onlookers. Visitors were able to see an interactive multimedia rendering of a famous children’s book, a simple and easy method of encrypted text message communication, an end-to-end solution for K-12 student project development and oversight, as well as apps for sharing photos in real time, for locating parties and events, for transfering files, and more.

The iOS Showcase was sponsored by Apple Inc. and provided a demo platform for projects that the students created this Winter for use on iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad mobile devices.

The mobile app projects shown included:

Allotly, by Alex Haefner and David Wilemski
ASK Messaging, by Chris McMeeking and Jeff Miller
CAEN Labs, by Chris Dzombak
Cryptxt, by William Irwin
DropBeer, by Yan-Ling Chen, Man-Chun Li, and Yi-Ling Lin
JerkBeater, Noniko Hsu, Man-Chun Li, Chien-Chung Lin, and Kuang-Tsu Shih (Dafei)
mParty, by Otto Sipe
Snap Shot, by Alex Haefner and David Wilemski
Sweet Music In Harlem, by Shiblee Imtiaz Hasan and Karthik Shivaram
Zydeco, by Alex Kuhn and Alex Migicovsky

Some of these are available on the iOS App Store today!