U-M Hosts Invitational Programming Competition

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Student programming teams from seven universities converged in Ann Arbor on October 8 and 9 to participate in the 2011 Jump Trading Invitational Programming Contest, which was hosted by the University of Michigan. The teams, from Carnegie-Mellon, Chicago University, Harvard, Purdue, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University of Michigan, and U-M Dearborn represent some of the best programming teams in the nation.

The invitational, designed to reflect a format similar to the highly competitive ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, was held so that the teams would be able to better prepare for upcoming ACM regional competition.

During the competition, the teams competed to solve a number of programming challenges each day in a set amount of time.

Saturday contest winners were:

1. Harvard University
2. Carnegie Mellon Team 1
3. University of Michigan Victors

Sunday contest winners were:

1. Harvard University
2. Carnegie Mellon Fat Quitters
3. Carnegie Mellon Team 1

The Jump Trading Invitational Programming Competition was sponsored by Jump Trading and organized with assistance from CSE graduate student Mark Gordon, who competed on the U-M programming team in the ACM World Finals in 2011 (2nd place) and 2010 (tied for 14th place); Prof. Kevin Compton, U-M programming team coach; and Dennis Matveyev, assistant coach. Technical support for the competition was provided by Joel VanLaven.